2022 Web and Graphic Design Class

Class of 2022

Welcome to the Web & Graphic Design Students of 2022's portfolio website.

Over the last two years, our class has met with unforeseen circumstances and ever-changing situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our entire first year of classes was online. Still, thankfully during the second year, we had the opportunity to work with one another in person, allowing us to connect and work together more effectively. The graduating class of 2022 is a diverse group, both culturally and creatively. We have been brought together under the banner of learning. WEGD has allowed us to develop new skills, enhance current ones, and share our passion for web and graphic design not only with each other, but also the world. We have learned that you can always be more creative and have fun doing it!

Click below to view the year-end catalogue put together by the class of 2022

The Web and Graphic Design program has a compelling mix of formal education while allowing the students to work together to be effective in the workforce. The program provides the web designer with knowledge of designing sites using the latest Adobe software including Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Animate, while giving the flexibility to use non-Adobe software like Sublime. The importance of fonts and colour is also discussed in the web and graphic design courses. There is the requirement of University Transfer electives that expand students’ knowledge and encourages them to collaborate with students in other fields. This program allows learners to use other Adobe software or software like Unity for game development or Blender for animation. The program enables the students to enter a web or design stream. The Professional Internship course allows the students to get workforce experience. A digital media or visual showcase course allows the students to work together to produce a website to show their portfolio.