2022 Web and Graphic Design Class


Practicing Artist
Juri is a visual artist who, before starting WEGD, had taken a gap year in visual arts. Being new to web and graphic design, Juri was determined to put her creative skills to the test. Throughout the program, Juri challenged herself to work out of her comfort zone by picking up her laptop and digital tools instead of her pencil. With patience, perseverance, and inspiration from practicing graphic designers and digital artists, Juri became proficient in digital software, including Illustrator and Photoshop. Currently, Juri works at an art gallery to build experience in the creative industry while actively seeking a visual arts position. Following the program, Juri plans to continue her education at Emily Carr University to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts before potentially moving onto Museum Studies. In her free time, Juri enjoys spending time with friends, lingering in the city of Tokyo, and illustrating her favourite characters.